Full Cream

Enjoy a rich and creamy glass of Dairy Dairy Full Cream Milk whenever you like. Drink it for your health. Drink it for the great milky milk taste.

Dairy Dairy Full Cream Milk is made exclusively from pure, high-quality cow’s milk. Always fresh, always deliciously creamy.


Dairy Dairy Skimmed Milk has all the important nutrients of cow’s milk with fewer calories. With 0% fat and cholesterol per serving, this is the perfect fat-free milk for the health conscious adult.

Low Fat

Dairy Dairy Low Fat Milk is deliciously slimming. Enjoy the creamy taste and nutrition of cow’s milk with just half the fat. This lowered fat milk option is high in calcium and protein with added vitamins A, C & D perfect for teens and young adults.

Growing Up

Your #1 Milky Milk for Growing Healthy Kids! Dairy Dairy ABC has all you need to help your little one grow. Filled with an optimum balance of Calcium, Iron, Zinc and Vitamins A,C and D, this is the perfect milk for your growing toddlers ages 1 to 3 years.


Full Cream Powdered Milk

Skimmed Powdered Milk

Low Fat Powdered Milk