A Milky Magic Legacy

Healthy. Wholesome. Yours!

Trinidad and Tobago’s favourite milk brand was brought to life in 1991 largely out of a desire to give Trinbagonian families a delicious, high quality, full cream milk that we would all be able to love for generations.

The first case of Dairy Dairy was sold at Naipaul’s Supermarket, now known as Xtra Foods. The milky milk taste soon propelled the brand to the number one position nationwide and Dairy Dairy became synonymous with powdered milk.

As milk consumption trends locally and globally began to evolve, Dairy Dairy decided to expand the offering to meet new these needs, and launched Dairy Dairy Low Fat, Skimmed and ABC Growing Up Milk.

Today, Trinbagonian families are even more in love with Dairy Dairy’s milky milk magic! From amazing giveaways and fun family-oriented activities to innovative usage ideas and spreading nationwide goodwill, the brand remains number one in the hearts and minds of kids and adults alike.

The Adventures of Dip + Dunk!

Streams and lakes over flowing with milky magic goodness. Creamy white bubbles floating gently through the air. Tasty milk powder dusting the hillsides like snow…  The planet of Milakia is a dairy lovers dream and home to everyone’s favourite Milakians, Dipawahtee and Duncan.

So when disaster struck and the planet’s milk resources began to dwindle,  Dip and Dunk knew that they had to do something to save their home. They scoured the universe looking for an endless supply of the world’s richest, tastiest, milkiest milk and finally found it in Trinidad & Tobago at Dairy Dairy.

And so began Dip and Dunk’s fantastic friendship with the children of T&T!

Once they organised an extra special, milky magic delivery of Dairy Dairy to Milakia, Dip and Dunk decided to stay in T&T with their new friends to learn everything possible about their fantastic new home!