Milky Magic Day Camp – Week 2

The Dragon’s Mouth

Dragons are reptile-like creatures of legend, found in many stories all over the world. In T&T, the Bocas del Dragón, or Dragon’s Mouth, is the name of the series of straits separating the Gulf of Paria from the Caribbean Sea.

Make your own dragon bookmark by following the instructions below or watching along with our camp video.


  • bristol board or colored paper (3×6”)
  • scraps of coloured paper
  • glue stick
  • scissors
  • markers
  • googly eyes (optional)


Step 1: Fold bristol board in half lengthwise.
Step 2: Then fold it in half width-wise to mark the center line and open again.
Step 3: Fold one side up at a 45 degree angle so the edge aligns with the centre.
Step 4: Repeat with the other side.
Step 5: Flip the paper over. Fold the top downward.
Step 6: You will leave about ⅓ of the top section, which will be folded down.

Step 7: Fold in the corners to form a heart shape.
Step 8: The little pocket at the back fits over page corners when using as a bookmark.
Step 9: On coloured paper scraps, draw and cut out the dragon’s ear, spikes, wing and fire.
Step 10: Stick the cut out pieces to the dragon’s head.
Step 11: Stick or draw on the eye, scales, mouth and any other features and details.

Place on the corner of a page in your favourite book.