Dipawahtee and Duncan are from the Milky Way planet Milakia. Milakia is know as a milky planet filled with lakes and streams of milk. Many years ago, their milk resources started to dwindle. Dip and Dunk, as they are more commonly known, knew they had to do something. Dip and Dunk went on a mission to search the universe for milk to help save their home planet. When they found the planet Earth, they discovered Trinidad and Tobago and the Dairy Dairy the milky milk. This was by far the richest, tastiest, milkiest milk they had come across anywhere in the universe. Dip and Dunk went to Dairy Dairy and told them about their plight. Dairy Dairy and all their staff, prepared lots of special milk packages for Dip and Dunk to take back with them. While Dip and Dunk waited for their milk supply the spent some time exploring Trinidad and Tobago and making new friends. Dip and Dunk thanked Dairy Dairy for all their help and headed back home, but they promised to come visit their friends whenever they could.